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Hello World
Student to Software Professional
A Transformation Guide
Authors: Ashish Vaidya, Pankaj Pal
About the book:
This book would be highly useful for
- Graduates who are going to join industry soon and would want to distinguish themselves right from day one
- Students aiming to be better software engineers and at par with professionals right from college days.
Rs. 295
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More about the book:
There is a huge gap between how things are taught and learned in college and the way they are applied in industry. For example, one hardly considers aspects like scalability, readability, maintainability, portability, reusability, security concerns, performance, space and time complexity, or even readability while writing code in college. For most of the students, the main objective is just to display the correct output. After all, thats what you would be evaluated upon. However, these and more - aspects are crucial when you take the responsibility of writing or evaluating code at a reputed organization whose image is at stake with every single line of code being added to its repository. This book aims to help students understand and realize how the things are done in a more professional manner in the industry and make a smooth transition from campus conditions to corporate environment, at least from a coding perspective.