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"Readers are Leaders, Leaders are Readers"
Life Simplified!
Author: Sujit Lalwani
This book promises to be a life changing book for people in the age group 14-28.
So, if you are anywhere between 14-28, time to grab a copy for yourself and simplify the perceptions in your life.
Erupt With Joy
Authors: Savitha Hosamane
This book delves into different aspects of wellbeing which are quite thought provoking and challenging at times to take an honest look at oneself authentically to move towards joy and celebrate life in every possible way.
Author: Sandhya N
4.456Pi, an out of the box self help book with the theme of irrationality, that actually comes with a set of rational perspectives, from the writings of a rising star in the authors community, Sandhya Nagaraj. This book was mentored by Sujit Lalwani
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